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Concept to Launch

EMBARKING ON A FUNDRAISING ANIMATION is not an everyday thing. Many times, those overseeing the fundraising effort have never had such a need before. Also, there are typically several parties involved, including End User, Architect and Consultants, and Visualization Specialist. For best results, a collaboration of multiple parties begins by diving deep into understanding not only the step-by-step process, but also the ultimate goals for the project. There’s more to a fundraising video than just 3D visuals. It’s about how to use the visualization to show a vision that excites viewers, gives them confidence and purpose, and gets them involved in making it a reality.

All projects should start with a conversation to find the true objective of the video, and future meetings should revolve around answers to questions like these:
• Who is your target audience and what is important to them?
• Which part of your project will resonate the most with the audience?
• What is the story we want to tell?

St. Paul’s Independent Day School in Baltimore, MD had plans to demolish the Upper School building and build a new one in its place. Through a recommendation by the architect, Bowie Gridley, St. Paul’s contacted IMD to develop a video to show donors the plan for the new building.


The heritage of the school was notably an important factor throughout the early conversations, telling of how the school has grown through its 70 year history. The connection between the students and the school programs is a key component of this story and how the new building would meet student needs. An animated time lapse illustrates previous additions to the school while the remaining video focuses on students hanging out in the Main Atrium, working in the STEM Lab, and studying in the Learning Center.

Working on a fundraising video is more than creating a walkthrough in a 3D virtual environment. The process is really about transforming ideas, concepts and relationships into a video that supports the goal of a project, and will rally support for the cause.